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 Chess Review (1938)

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Chess Review  (1938) Empty
MessageSujet: Chess Review (1938)   Chess Review  (1938) EmptySam 26 Mai 2018 - 10:28

Chess Review  (1938) 1527323152-02-01

"Chess Review ~ Honor Prize Problem"  Signed GM William Lombardy.

Année 1938 (Vol VI) : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Totals 304 pages, 18 cm x 26 cm

Pages are not brittle or damaged, no fading of the text or colored pages inside, many pages printed on colored pages which are still bright and unfaded. Binding looks ok, and complete, though upon close inspection, a bit of separation occurring on certain pages when opened (please see the closeup).
Front cover has a few marks from wear and a single slightly visible line that may be dirt but is likely wear and tear on the cover as well.
Back cover has an indentation, I will put a very close photo of it at an angle so it is visible.
Please note that the spine, unfortunately, has suffered the worst of the wear and is marked heavily, though the lettering is still legible; "1938 The Chess Review 1938."
Only other spot of major damage is on the FIRST title page (title page for the January 1938 magazine; this compilation of periodicals has title pages printed on colored paper for each month's edition it contains, the others are untouched like new) of this book has had the upper right hand corner cut out... I believe deliberately, as there appears to have been something stamped on it (now, only a tiny portion of perhaps the letter "N" is visible as the rest has been cut off).

Inside front cover has a long inscription by Chess Grandmaster William Lombardy who wrote of owning a chess periodical from his birth year, "... the worst year of the Great Depression... [something] the Second World War!" The beginning of the inscription is signed "W J Lombardy" and the end is also initialed "WJL" in his hand.

Chess Review  (1938) 1527323163-02-02

L'histoire de cette revue mythique :
Chess Review is a U.S. chess magazine that was published from January 1933 until October 1969 (Volume 37 Number 10).
Until April 1941 it was called The Chess Review.
Published in New York, it began on a schedule of at least ten issues a year but later became a monthly.
Isaac Kashdan was the editor for the first year, with Al Horowitz and Fred Reinfeld asassociate editors.
After one year, Kashdan left and Horowitz became editor, a position he retained for the remainder of the magazine's existence.
Chess Review was virtually unchallenged as the premier U.S. chess periodical from its start in 1933 until a rival emerged in 1961,
after a major revamp of the official United States Chess Federation magazine, Chess Life.
The two magazines remained in competition until November 1969, when Horowitz retired and the magazines
were merged to become Chess Life & Review.

(Source: Wikipédia)

Chess Review  (1938) $_1.PNG?set_11
Achat dans une librairie qui se trouve à New-York ainsi que sur Ebay.US.

Le mercredi 23 mai 2018

 JcD  ► Ἀδάμας 13-4-13 ~ Chess Review  (1938) Perso-7 ~

Chess Review  (1938) Sms_1110
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Chess Review (1938)
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